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I am flesh and blood, but my mind is the focus of much lightning - Allen Ginsburg
sousuke:[has loved and supported both rin and kou since they were 8 and kou was 7]
sousuke:[inspired by rin and worked hard every single day from a young age for the dream that they shared]
sousuke:[pushed himself toward a single goal with focus and determination and achieved results he could be truly proud of]
sousuke:[befelled by injury]
none of the adults in his life at any point:please take better care of your body OR, LATER: this is a setback but you're only 15 so there is still time to pick yourself up you just have to be careful and patient
sousuke:[goes to smzk, continues to love and support rin, loses the bottom bunk and the ice cream and the cola that he paid for, and aggressively swims on his injury instead of rehabilitating it]
sousuke:i want to swim the most shoulder-aggressive stroke in this relay despite my torn tendon that is causing me so much pain it reduced me, a 185cm 76kg competitive athelete, to a shuddering wreck against a wall just minutes prior
anyone else at all in the general vicinity who wasn't a melodramatic emotional shambles at the time:ok
every adult at the relay:[is perfectly ok with this somehow despite sousuke's shoulder being visibly inflamed]
sousuke:[is in so much pain he literally blacks out for a moment in the water]
samezuka:[is for some godforsaken reason not disqualified from the race despite this horrifically dangerous and irrespionsible decision]
nobody:[takes sousuke to a goddamn hospital to get him some physical and emotional therapy]
sousuke:i'm quitting the competitive swimming world completely and going home to inherit my dad's boring business or something, because this makes sense with my character
rin:[does shit all to try and encourage or inspire sousuke] [still won't take him to a hospital] [fucking drops $2k and goes to australia with haru the week before nationals]
the five-year-promise that still hasn't been redeemed:[is probably never brought up again]
sousuke:[doesn't even appear in episode 12]
sousuke:[slowly drinks tea]
sousuke:this is fine
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destroy the idea that biological families are more valid than other forms of family. destroy the idea that your parents/sibilings/extended relatives have an inherent right to be a part of your life if you dont want them to be

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