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I am flesh and blood, but my mind is the focus of much lightning - Allen Ginsburg

Gabrielle Heinen-Kjajic, Germany’s minister for science and culture.

Unlike Libertarians and Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney who favor “boot strap theory” and advise struggling college students to simply borrow from their wealthy parents to pay for higher education, Germany Just Abolished College Tuition Fees.

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Tony Abbott:[pays tribute to Gough Whitlam]
Tony Abbott:[tears down everything that Gough Whitlam built up]
tony abbott:gough whitlam was an inspirational leader who did many important things that are vital for our nation.
gough whitlam:it's time to bring in national healthcare.
gough whitlam:it's time to actually do something about indigenous affairs.
gough whitlam:it's time for free university education.
tony abbott:yeah nah


the un are having a conference on gender equality and have only invited men like that was an actual joke on parks and recreation and now it has happened in real life

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